About Frozen Storage

Hira amrrit is a production plant of Dairy products. Our Company Hira amrrit is one of the integrated Frozen storage Infrastructure producers of dairy products since 2009 named brand as AgriFresh. Our New  Frozen Storage has capacity to store up till -20° C  temperature to store grains, spices, fruits and vegetables having Multi commodity. We store All Kinds of Vegetables, Fruit – Pulp, Ready to Eat food, Jaggery, Butter, Dry-Fruits, Spices, Ice-Cream.

We have installed cold storage Capacity of about 7000 MT tons and a Frozen Capacity of about 2000 MT freezing capacity.

We supply & store milk products &  Ready to cook Products to a diversified customer base consisting of food companies, restaurants, club stores, retail chains and distributors, and other spreads across the developed markets of Gujarat.

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