SKIMMED MILK CURD is obtained from pasteurized skimmed milk by souring with the help of lactic bacterial culture.

Uses & Benefits

  • Have various health promoting nutrients and a valuable food.
  • The natural curd is set into small cup shaped containers for customers who prefer the set thick creamy layered texture.
  • Ideal base for tempting frozen desserts.
  • Used as a healthier alternative to cream.
  • Calcium rich bone – building food and also provides enough protein.
  • Curd helps in digestion and can make the skin soft and glowing.
  • Helps to minimize the risk of high blood pressure.
  • The stirred creamy curd is packed in handy pouches and the set curd is packed in cups as per the preferences of the customer.

Packing Details

  • Pack Size : 100g,200g & 1Kg Pouch,10kg bucket.